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The concept of FounderMatch happened when we saw people with good ideas having a hard time finding others that would be passionate about their ideas and want to start a company together. Successful companies have ideas and more importantly they have founders that together are unstoppable. This magic only happens when the founders are matched almost perfectly and it can be hard and time consuming to find those people. To that, FounderMatch was born to bring those courageous enough to create something new together in a way that shortens this discovery process.

We know that great relationships will start here, fueling great companies tomorrow. Come and check us out!

When: 6pm-9pm, Wednesday Nov. 3
Where: Techstars Bunker
Boulder, CO
Speaker: Alex White
CEO, NextBigSound.com
"The Importance
of Founder Chemistry"

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Up and running!

Our inaugural event is on November 3rd at the TechStars bunker. We are limiiting the event to 40 people so register now



Ari Newman and Eric Marcoullier to advise FounderMatch

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